Become an influencer with best digital marketing courses in Mumbai

What is an influencer? Digital influencers are usually social media users who have a humongous following and have the ability to influence the target audience opinions and behavior towards a brand or a company. You can become an influencer by enrolling into the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. ITM institute has a 7 months weekend only program dedicated to professional learning through which you can become an influencer.

The best digital marketing courses in Mumbai teach you how to utilize your social media presence and how to employ techniques as to grow your audience organically and through paid form. Recent surveys predict that around 90% of people online trust more in influencers than in direct brand advertising. Thus, companies seek their help to promote their brands and services on social media channels.

Inherit expertise through best digital marketing courses in Mumbai

One of the main criteria to become an influencer is to have an active social media presence with an active niche of followers on every social media channel. The practice to influence is covered vastly under best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. With the specialized knowledge taught under best digital marketing courses in Mumbai you would be able to gain trust of your followers and engage in conversations that are two way processed.

There are 3 major types of influencer you could become when you enroll into the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai, namely:


These kind of public figures have a niche of their own with a small group of followers no more than 10 thousand or under. These groups or people are usually employed to create active engagement and awareness of the brand. Since they have a smaller following the price for employing them is also less expensive and they are extremely beneficial for connecting with your target audience personally.


They have more than million people following them although they are not celebrities. These may be journalists, famous bloggers, publicists or industrially recognized names who can influence people and their opinion on social media due to their huge fan following. In order to promote one’s brand people usually use their opinion to attract their fans.


These are individuals who are followed by more than millions in number. These individuals are social media celebrities who have the highest reach but do not have high engagement as target audience are spread widely and cannot be distinguished. They can be employed for increasing impressions on social media channels and increasing awareness of a brand.


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