Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing 

Are you new to digital marketing? If you are, then you are likely to be confused about what exactly is digital marketing all about. Recent developments such as media houses shifting to completely digital publications have changed the way marketing was done to a great extent. Some of the differences between digital and traditional marketing are discussed below:-

What is Traditional Marketing?

There are different aspects of traditional marketing. It involves the use of promotional mediums such as print ads in newspapers or magazines and business cards. Other types of traditional marketing also involves brochures, billboards, radio and TV ads. Traditional involves anything apart from digital. Another thing which people tend to overlook about digital marketing is when people come to know about a business via a referral or network and you try to build a relationship with them.

What is Digital Marketing?

The domain of digital marketing is evolving and undergoing a change as new technologies are coming up. Common examples of digital marketing includes mentions in social media, YouTube videos, websites and banner ads. In some ways, digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing. But it involves the usage of digital tools. It is regarded as a type of inbound marketing and its main aim is to make you reachable to the people.
Businesses creates ads or content to help people find them. People can either perform an organic or paid search, come across your business on a social network or through reading a content which has been published online.
The higher the frequency with which they see your content, the more acquainted will they be with your brand. They will therefore, eventually develop a trustworthy relationship with your brand. Joining a digital marketing institute will make your familiar with all nuances of digital marketing.

Plus Points And Drawbacks Of Digital Marketing

Due to its longevity, people are habituated to traditional marketing. They do come across ads in newspapers & magazines or in billboard’s every now and them. Traditional marketing is suitable for reaching out to local audience but it is not limited to a specific group. But one main problem with digital marketing is that its results cannot be measured at all. Compared to digital marketing, it is also more costly.

One strength of digital marketing is that the results can be easily measured. It can also help you to reach out to a vast audience. You can tailor your campaign not only to reach out to audience at a specific location but across the globe also. Digital marketing is also highly interactive since it makes use of social media to reach out to people. However, one major issue with digital marketing is that it takes time to get the desired level of success.


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