certificate course in digital marketing

The scope of certificate course in digital marketing

Internet marketing is the new era technique to reach potential customer base within a fraction of time. A certificate course in digital marketing ensures you get the best job opportunities in different arenas of marketing. ITM University offers a 7 months PGDM program to understand intricate details about this course and increase your scope of attaining marketing jobs in the digital space.

Job roles open for certified digital marketing professionals

A certification course in digital marketing opens the door to many professions. The image below contains a few of the job verticals that are open for professionals who complete this specialisation.

Let’s learn more about the job role of these professionals:

Digital media marketing executive: A certification course in digital marketing equips professional with the knowledge of running social media campaigns, it gives them an in depth idea of which analytical method they should employ for their client to maximise reach and tap into customers’ memory.
SEO analyst: The need for search engine optimisation took place because only some businesses were highlighted in popular search engines while other web pages remained far behind. Certification course in digital marketing makes a professional understand various components related to on-page and off-page SEO services as well as makes an individual understand how Google Adsense, crawling and other tools are implemented to increase the ranking of pages.
SMO executive: A social media executive understands which calendar days to use fruitfully for the client and increase the reach of each posts through organic as well as paid form of advertising on different social media channels. He/She is responsible for making campaigns from ideation to execution as well as analysing reports about the ROI of the campaigns. Certification course in digital media also emphasises how budgeting and costing of these campaigns have to be calculated.
Content specialist: Content is the king of marketing collaterals, it is can make or break the image of your firm. Therefore content and copy specialists are needed for different forms of writing like ad copies, SEO blogs, articles, meta descriptions, social media descriptions and copies etc. The program equips you to learn methods of devising out of the box ideas for different marketing channels online.
Entrepreneur: As an entrepreneur you can utilise the skills learned through the medium of this specialisation in your day to day operations. Through this program you will be able to keep a check on your campaigns, its budget and learn the complexities of internet marketing.

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