Types Of Digital Marketing Channels 

For long term survival, it is essential for any company to invest time and money on digital marketing today. Before you start planning for a workable digital marketing strategy, you will need to have a good understanding of various channels involved in digital marketing including social media marketing. Many people today aspire to become an expert here by joining social media marketing courses.

Having a clear idea of the channels which are really going to work for your business will help your business to grow. Some of the common types of digital marketing are discussed below:-

Digital Marketing Channels

SEM – Search Engine Marketing Or PPC – Pay Per Click

This channel includes designing of graphical ads and their placement next to the content of websites, emails and other types of instant messaging applications. These ads can have video or audio clips, animation, images, text or other types of interactive content.

While you are surfing across the internet or checking your emails, you might come across different types of ads. These are all types of display advertising. But your ads need to be relevant enough to draw the attention of people. This is because a digital marketing campaign’s success is decided by the success of an online advertising campaign. An SEM Course can help you understand these nuances better.

Adverts can be targeted on the basis of consumer behaviour, location or demographics. Using analytics, you can track the exact number of people who have viewed or clicked on your adverts, who came to your site after entering it and what was your conversion ratio.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO – marketing helps business owners to boost their online presence and reach out to new customers. SEO can help you to generate leads and increase brand awareness related to your product or service through organic search results.

SEO comprises of keywords, onpage and offpage optimization to rank website in organic search of search engines. Onpage includes optimization of various technical parameters of website, while off-page is related about link building. Once you join a digital marketing institute, you will get a clear perception of how to implement the onpage and offpage SEO. People enrol into SEO Courses to learn this art of marketing better.

SMO – Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization also referred as SMO is all about making use of various social networking sites for business. Social Media have helped businesses to reach customer’s, increase awareness related to products/services, generate traffic to website, updates of product/services etc.

E-mail Marketing

This is a type of marketing which is used to promote products or services through e-mail. E-mail marketing is an effective way for gaining new buyers or enhancing relationships with the existing ones.

E-mail marketing campaigns are best suited for companies which are not able to spend heavily for promoting their business. It also enables companies for promoting other marketing channels in an efficient manner. But customer database creation and designing e-mails is a time consuming process.

Moreover, all your customers might not have the patience to check the emails. Their inbox is full of messages. They might regard your emails as spam if you send too many of them. Therefore, you will need to have a proper balance and ensure that you don’t send emails which come with the line ‘Do not reply’. Having a particular e-mail domain for communicating with buyers is of high importance.


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