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What Does Organic Search Mean In SEO?

If you are new to SEO, then you are likely to have come across the term ‘organic search.’ Are you confused regarding what it means? Organic search is used for explaining the processes which are used for acquiring a natural placement in SERP results. Here we will discuss in detail about what organic search means in SEO and what are its benefits:-

Organic Search Generates Bulk Of The Relevant Traffic

Though a lot of things have changed in the SEO industry over the last few years, yet one thing has still remained the same. A major share of the relevant traffic is generated through organic search or organic SEO. The only area of SEO which performs better in some aspects is paid search ads. But paid ads can boost conversions only rather than traffic. They account for only a minor share of the total traffic generated by a website.

Organic Search Can Ensure Long Term Customer Reality

At present, social media and paid ads are the biggest generators of traffic. But they cannot ensure long term customer loyalty. They have a high bounce rate and the number of pages which people visit are often quite low. So, it is quite normal for a visitor to leave a Facebook page after viewing.

The main purpose of Facebook is to boost article visits rather than site traffic and customer loyalty. Twitter on the other hand can help you to create customer loyalty. But it is not very effective for generating traffic. Pinterest users normally leave it after buying something.

A major issue with paid ads is that they do offer visitors with a reasons to visit a site. But they do not have a reason to make a visitor come back to their site. Once you enroll into an SEO course, you will gain a clear perception of all fields of digital marketing.

But organic search functions in a completely different manner. By matching your keywords with user intent, you can ensure your presence in numerous searches. The visitor may find you on a consistent basis and once he comes to your site, there are high chances that he will stay.

The visitors whom you attract through organic search are going to be your long term customers. The ones who have visited greater number of pages and have lower bounce rates have higher chances of returning.

No High Costs Are Involved

The best part of organic search is that there is no chance of your budget getting exhausted as it does in case of paid ads. You won’t have to spend a lot of money for getting sponsored links. Optimizing your web content efficiently will help you to draw links and ensure a good SERP ranking.

An SEM course will help you understand how to market products or services on search engines. You may also take a course in social media marketing to add the final touches to the resume.


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